To fully understand and gratify Client’s requirement for Quality & Service, through effective human resource training while maintaining our commitment to sustainable environment policies & social compliance.


Adamjee Enterprises

We are proud of our humble beginnings. The journey from a trading house to a composite textile processing unit has been a uniquely challenging and rewarding experience that has spanned three generations of passion & dedication…. Read More

Our Products

Retail Bedding

Our strength is our flexibility to offer customized product range for our Retail Clients, whether they operate bricks & mortar or mail order / online sales. Read More

Hospitality Linen

We are top choice supplier for White Sheets from Pakistan. We have the right knowledge and experience to consistently produce same shade… Read More

Health Care

Look no further, Adamjee is one stop complete service provider for Health Care product from Linen to Garment. Read More

Speciality Fabric

It is a hard-earned reputation for being at the forefront of producing innovative fabric through Weaving and Processing excellence. Read More

Terry Towel

Terry towel goes hand in glove with our extensive range of Hospitality Linen. Read More


Adamjee believes in a customer centric approach that has led us to derive inspiration from consumer requirements for choice of material, blends, hand feel for particular garments and style from everyday wear to work wear (uniforms) Read More

Our Process

Adamjee Industries Limited is in a unique position to offer inhouse production for its products. With this ability, Adamjee Pakistan is able to make breakthroughs for Textiles in Pakistan, making Adamjee Textile Mills Pvt Ltd among top-tier manufacturers in Pakistan.a


Auto Loom – Sulzer Loom – Airjet Weaving is a method of textile manufacturing, in which two sets of yarns/threads are interlaced at right angles in order to form a fabric or cloth. Adamjee Textile Mills Pvt Ltd offers different loom setups, according to price and product sensitivity. Our Mills in Pakistan are well-equipped with the right machinery for the job.

Contineous Bleaching

Adamjee Textile Mills Pvt Ltd Goller continuous bleaching range, having monthly installed capacity of 3.60 million meters. All machines at our Textile Mills in Pakistan, are based on 3.2 meter working width.

Contineous Dyeing

Adamjee Industries Limited’s capability includes Stenter Dyeing for Pigment shade and Continuous Dyeing on Monforts Thermosol Machine, backed with top of the range Benninger Mercerising at Textile Mills to offer consistency of the shade.

Printing (Rotary / Digital)

Adamjee Pakistan’s Textile mills have wide width (3.20 meter) Rotary, as well as Digital Printing option. With great printing options, Adamjee Industries Limited’s Textile in Pakistan is able to make its name among the best manufacturers in Pakistan

Textile Finishing

When it comes to finishing and Hand feel of your Fabric and Linen, Adamjee Textile Mills Pvt Ltd is Top Name. Adamjee Clothing offers different choices of Textile Finish, from different hand feel, chemical finishing and application for various applications like water proofing, Air Permeability, coating etc.


Adamjee Pakistan has 6 Stitching units consisting of Bedlinen & Garment production, with Switch Track installed in particular lines as well. Adamjee Industries Limited has a daily Capacity of 60,000 meters at its Textile Mills in Pakistan, which can be converted into bedlinen or garments.

Environmental Sustainability

Raw Material

Environmental Sustainability starts with procurement of right Fibers and Fabrics. Read More

Energy Policy

Not only this is to help the environment through reduced carbon footprint, but it is also the need of the hour for Industries as well to optimize the use of their existing energy resource. Read More

Chemical Policy

We stay true to our environmental commitment of Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals (ZDHC), through implementing sustainable chemical management policy…. Read More

Caustic Recovery Plant

Large quantities of diluted caustic soda (weak lye) are a waste product of Mercerization process. Read More

Reduce Ozone Depletion

Because (CFCs) Chlorofluorocarbons contribute to ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere… Read More

Waste Management

Saving our rivers and marine live is important and as responsible business enterprise, we are fully conscious of our responsibility. Read More

Pakistan, as the third largest exporter of cotton and the largest producer of yarn, is world renown for the quality of its cotton. With its Textile Mills in Pakistan, Adamjee Industries PVT LTD utilizes its position for sourcing the most supreme, export quality cotton and turning it into splendid pieces of textile fabrics to be sold at a massive scale to both national and international markets. With years of experience, and with countless satisfied customers, Adamjee Clothing has secured its name among the most trusted Fabric Manufacturers in Pakistan, especially for its Textile fabrics, printed textile fabrics and institutional fabrics. A large portfolio of goods produced by Adamjee Textile includes apparels, retail bedding (with a huge library of different printed textile fabrics), as well as lenins, institutional fabrics and other products related to hospitality sector and healthcare sector related lenins and products. Moreover, while it is a given that Adamjee Industries Limited PVT LTD does not compromise on the material and quality of its textile, at the same time, our brand remains extremely conscious of its impact on environment - both material and social. Our Textile Mills in Pakistan follow international protocols to ensure that we do not leave any adverse effects on climate. As Fabric Manufacturers in Pakistan, we also fulfill our corporate social responsibility by initiating/collaborating with numerous social causes, and in keeping our employees happy, content and rewarded.

Giving Back

Social Compliance

Humility goes a long way, we are humbled to have given a responsibility to manage more then 1000 families through vision and empathy, over and above the Corporate commitment. Read More


We fully endorse corporate responsibility over and above their own employees to be able to reach out in the community and society to help build better tomorrow through active social engagement. Read More

Our Commitment

We are excited and committed to producing quality textiles through hard work, innovation, sustainability and responsibility. Read More



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