You may not realize it but a lot of life happens on your mattress. To keep its look and feel new, it is essential to invest in a potent mattress protectors. Protect your bed from stubborn stains, and potential damages caused by pets, food and others.

Our mattress protectors are especially sought after for their premium quality, with its easy and smooth cloth surface, and marvelous absorbency. The comfort level is unmatched – our stretchy fabrics let your body sink into the sheets. Besides this, our mattress protectors are designed to be “quiet”.

The material will not crinkle with your movement, allowing a peaceful sleep. Moreover, its material is air vapor porous, letting body heat pass through.

Adamjee’s mattress protector also works as a barrier for dust mites and allergens, thus providing a healthy, sound and irritant-free sleep. You can use these mattress protectors with just about any type of mattress, be it innerspring, latex, water bed, memory foam or foldable/portable one.

Properties of our Supreme-Quality Mattress Protectors

  1. Softness: You’ll fall in love with the feel it provides you. It is smooth and super absorbent.
  2. Waterproofness: Our mattress protectors also have waterproof variants that prevent liquid spills from soaking into your mattresses. Instead, the liquid is dissipated, making sure no puddles are formed on the surface.
  3. Protectiveness: Not only does our material protect your mattress against stains like spills, bodily fluids, casual wetting and sweat, but also in preventing bacteria, mites and other infect ants from growing inside the mattress. These parasites are a major cause of problems like rhinitis, asthma and eczema. The dust mites settle on top of mattresses where they survive on dead skin cells and your hair, causing aforementioned problems. Using our mattress protectors that have impermeable membranes to separate you and dust mites, it will provide you with a guarantee that exposure to these infections is minimal.
  4. Fit: Our mattress protectors and skirts fit all standard and extra depth dimensions.
  5. Thinness: The material that we use does not detract from the comfort of the mattresses. In fact, you’ll hardly feel any sheet stopping you from enjoying the full comfort of your mattress.
  6. Washability: They are easy to wash with all machines, and tumble dry.
  7. Durability: We promise the best quality material in all our products, which means that our protectors are extremely durable to withstand excess wash and use.

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