Best Percale Crib Sheets – Baby Bedding

Percale-woven cotton are those fabrics that have a thread count of at least 200. These supple, firm yet soft and highly durable fabrics are perfect material to make crib sheets for those little ones. Therefore, percale crib sheet, thanks to their low maintenance and high longevity, are very popular in houses with babies and toddlers. As a warm and comfy bedding for babies, percale crib sheets ensure peaceful and healthy sleep.

Our Percale Crib Sheets are 100% cotton

Our percale crib sheets are made from a perfect blend of 100% cotton muslin, with a hotel-styled, OEKO-TEX certified organic percale fabric weaving (with 220+ thread count). This quality results in a soft, smooth and matt finish look and feel, along with a perfect mix of durability, breathability, strength and ease of use, instead of being flimsy or getting easily worn out through rough, tight and just one-over-one percale weave. Moreover, this material provides natural temperature-regulating properties, preventing overheating and giving comfortable sleep. This means that Adamjee textile’s crib sheets are specifically crafted with babies’ gentle and porous skin in mind, so that the little humans’ sensitive skin and hair is only nourished when using our products.

Our 100% cotton percale crib sheet come in various sizes, most common of which is the standard 28 inches’ x 52 inches’ x 9 inches, and can fit upto 6 inches thick standard crib mattresses. Our percale crib sheet have deep pockets and are especially elastic around edges to keep a snug and prevent the sheet from slipping off the baby’s mattress.

Buy Percale Crib Sheet in Different Designs

We offer percale crib sheets in a variety of classic, colorful and vibrant designs and patterns that can gel well with different styles. Colorful sheets are also cognitively beneficial for babies and toddlers, which is why we have put special care in selecting colors and patterns for our collection. Besides bringing playfulness to your child’s room, our percale crib sheet are fade resistant and durable, so that they are able to hold colors properly after washing.

Our Percale Crib Sheets are easy to handle and care for

The crib sheets do not contain any restricted chemicals and are printed with all Azo free dye paints. Moreover, the weaving and quality of fabric makes sure that the percale crib sheet are machine washable, and in fact get softer with washing.

Safety information

  • Fitted percale crib sheets should be able to fit snugly, and not pull up from corners. Therefore, it is crucial to mach measurements for mattress with our different fitted crib sheet sizes

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies share a room with parents, but not a sleeping surface, at least for the first six months.