Surgical Gown, Doctors & Nurse Uniforms

Choosing the right uniforms to represent your organization is not an easy task. However, this isn’t a worry for our customers thanks to our large network of distributors and years of experience for manufacturing fabrics like scrubs, nurses uniforms, surgical gowns and doctor uniforms for the healthcare sector. Company uniforms are crucial to create a good image for your brand, but they are also much more than just how they look. You need to think about a number of aspects, from health and safety, to the choice of fabric. You need comfortable, functional uniforms that also represent your company, and Adamjee is just the right place for that.

Adamjee prides itself in serving many international customers for their organizations’ uniform needs. We are known for manufacturing high-grade doctor uniforms, nurses uniforms, surgical gowns and scrubs. We work closely with our customers, thoroughly involving them in our design process, to make sure that every single one of their demands is appropriately met.

Our Healthcare Fabrics

Doctor uniforms and coats: Our doctor attires are made of excellent quality fabrics that give comfort along with endless functionality. Along with uniforms, we have a wide range of coats for doctors, hospital staff, pharmaceutical industries and medical colleges.

Nurse uniforms: With plenty of practical features, our nursing uniforms are made of premium quality fabrics and come in a myriad of styles and choices.

Scrubs: We provide light-weight and durable scrubs for doctors and staff, in many different colors and sizes

Surgical gowns: Our gowns are made of polyester blended with cotton, and are known for their extreme durability.

Customizable doctors uniforms and nurses uniform

Our uniforms and scrubs are not only comfortable, but are highly customizable, per your desires and instructions. Our doctor uniforms, nurse uniforms and surgical gowns are developed in our plants within Pakistan and shipped around the world to specific companies.

Each company has its own style, colors and different employee fit demands. Therefore, all of our products can be printed/embroidered with your logo and branding, to keep in-keeping with your uniform.

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