Cotton Draw Sheets For Hospital Beds

Adamjee has an established name in healthcare and beyond for providing top quality draw sheets to its clients. Thanks to the soft, cool and super absorbent fabric, users are provided with utmost comfort. Our draw sheets are made on a multi-layer design with soakers and waterproofing material at different levels for maximum level of protection and utility. Therefore, none of our users have to worry about potential messes, stains or spills ruining the bed. With excellent durability and easy wash ability, these draw sheets can withstand frequent cleaning, and machine washing and drying.

These sheets, thanks to their excellent absorbency, can also be used for other purposes including in cases of bed wetting, toilet training etc. For immobile and bedridden patients that require draw sheets underneath, our products can be moved easily without any threat of hurting them or providing discomfort. The quality makes our draw sheets an invaluable asset for hospitals and nursing homes. With perfect dimensions, and easy wash and handling these sheets can be used wherever, whenever needed.

White Draw Sheets For Different Bed Sizes

Our rich cotton flat draw sheets are made to protect the mattresses from spills, leaks and other messes, all the while maintaining their comfortability for patients and other users. Using cotton sheets for beds are more comfortable for patients than lying directly on top of a mattress protector. These sheets are placed on the top of sheets and mattress covers to protect bed linen.

Especially sought after by many international hospices and nursing homes, our white draw sheets are cost-effective and efficient in what other plastic sheets are not. Comprising mostly of cotton, these sheets have been made easy to care for (including transportation, cleaning and drying). They are available both for single and double beds.

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